6 Under $20 Items Your Home Needs


David Deem

Finding the right items for your home can take years of careful cultivation. And while every household has different needs, there are still some universally helpful items that can make your life at home run more smoothly. These six items may just be the perfect addition to your home.

Surge Protector
For your high-ticket electronic items, particularly for your computer, consider springing for a combination surge protector and battery backup. For the general electronics you use every day, a basic and inexpensive surge protector will help you get the most out of your outlet and protect your items.

Rapid Egg Cooker
This handy kitchen item may seem like a one-use gimmick, until you realize how perfectly and easily your eggs cooked the first time. No more waiting for boiling water and bursting cracked eggs. If you love hard or soft boiled eggs, you’re sure to love this simple-to-use gadget.

No-Touch Thermometer 
Whether you need it for home repairs or you want to find the perfect temp for the steak you have on the BBQ, a no-touch thermometer is sure to see a lot of use around your home. Look for one that features easy setup and a laser pointer to help ensure that you’re aiming for the right spot.

Reusable Silicone Bags
Go green and store your leftovers easily with a set of reusable silicone bags. Perfect for storing snacks and on-the-go lunches, this purchase will save you money on disposable sandwich baggies while keeping your home more environmentally friendly. The best part? Most are dishwasher, freezer and even microwave safe, making them the perfect meal prep purchase.

Cabinet Sound Dampeners
If you’re tired of your kids or roommates slamming the cupboards shut, an inexpensive pack of adhesive cabinet sound dampeners is sure to please the whole household. With a small circular plastic or gel-like texture, these small circles can stick on the inner corners of your cabinet doors ensuring that they close more quietly.

Silicone Oven Rack Shields
Oven-safe silicone is the star of the show once more with this kitchen must-have. Purchase a set of these silicone shields for the ends of your oven racks to prevent burning when accessing items from the oven. If you or a housemate has burned your arms on an oven rack while taking out your favorite cookies or casseroles, this product is a must-buy.



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