Smell Something Funky? Check These Common Problem Areas in Your Home


David Deem

Do you ever wake up to a foul odor in your home? From old food in the fridge to wet towels laying on the floor, there can be many reasons your home doesn’t have that fresh, clean scent. Unfortunately, lighting your favorite candle or clouding a space with room spray may not be the trick, rather just a mask. Be sure to identify the source of the smell by checking these common problem areas. 

Trash Can
Though this seems an obvious place to start, the stench from garbage doesn’t always just come from it’s contents. As you take out the trash regularly, spills and crumbs may build up, causing the odor to linger inside of the bin. Before you place a new garbage bag in the bin, be sure to wipe it out with a wet wipe or paper towel and a disinfectant spray. For a deeper clean, spray the bin with diluted bleach, let sit for a few hours, and wipe it out. Finish with soap and water, and enjoy the fresh scent in your kitchen. 

If you still haven’t found the source of the stink in your kitchen, check your dishwasher. Because of its warm, moisture-filled environment, it is common for mold to grow inside. There may also be remnants, crumbs and oils left behind from the last washing cycle. To remove the sour smell from your dishwasher, run an empty cycle on high-heat. For extra parts, such as the silverware basket, remove and wash with soap and hot water in your sink. 

Washing Machine
Another home appliance that breeds a damp environment is a washing machine. Mold and other bacteria may form in this moisture-rich space. To avoid this, leave the washer door open after each and every cycle. This will allow the seal and all other drawers and spaces to dry out without trapping moisture inside, causing a humid stench. If mold is found, simply use a one-to-one mixture of white vinegar and baking soda and wipe down the area.

Hampers and laundry baskets are often located in the bathroom. However, it is suggested to keep these outside of a room that breeds moisture and steam—an environment that may easily cause mold and bacteria to grow. Adding wet clothing or towels to this environment will cause a heavy, humid stink. If you have wet or damp clothing, towels, linens or other laundry, wash them as soon as possible.

When it comes to linens, your bedding may be the culprit of a certain unfortunate smell. While sleeping in your bed each and every night, your body oils, sweat and dirt end up all over your sheets and blankets. If you do not wash your sheets regularly, your room may become an unpleasant place to rest and relax. Washing your sheets and bedding every one to two weeks is recommended.


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