How to Redesign Your Dining Room


David Deem

If you’re unhappy with the current layout and furnishings in your dining room, or if you would just like to switch things up, you have many options. Think about how you typically use the room, any problems you have encountered with its design, and ways to make it more functional and attractive.

How Do You Use the Dining Room?
Some families think of the dining room as a place to host formal gatherings and want its design to reflect that purpose. Others use the dining room on a regular basis for ordinary family meals and want a space that is functional and that has a relaxed atmosphere. 

If you use the dining room for daily family dinners, choose a table that’s large enough for your immediate family and guests. If you use the room only for holiday gatherings and other special events, a long table that can accommodate a large group may be the best choice. If you would prefer to seat guests in smaller groups to promote more intimate conversations, two or more smaller tables can make that possible.

If the dining room is typically used for formal occasions, you may want to include a cabinet to store dishes and silverware. A table to place food and beverages can help you minimize trips back and forth to the kitchen.

Where Do You Want People to Focus Their Attention?
If you have a beautiful table, you may want that to be the first thing that guests notice when they enter the dining room. You may prefer to have their eyes drawn instead to a painting, a light fixture, a rug, a fireplace or patterned wallpaper. Figure out what you want the dining room’s focal point to be and base its design around that. 

Choose furnishings and decorative pieces that reflect your personality. Look for objects that are unique or that have a personal story behind them so they can help you and your guests break the ice.

Your dining room should reflect who you are and how you want your guests to feel. Don’t be afraid to experiment with custom pieces, mismatched furniture and less traditional colors, patterns and textures. Select light fixtures that will provide adequate illumination, capture people’s attention and add a sense of style to the dining room.

Get Help From an Interior Designer
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make decisions, a professional can help. An interior designer can listen to your goals, present a wide range of options that you may or may not have considered and help you choose pieces that will give you the dining room you want without breaking your budget.




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