These Paint Colors May Increase the Value of Your Home


David Deem

One of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to help make an impression on buyers when selling your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job not only helps your home appear fresh and clean, it can also help your home sell faster—and for more money—when the right colors are used.

According to the home-design experts at, painting your home’s interior in a neutral shade is integral to a good home-selling strategy. Neutral colors serve two important purposes: they make your home appear more expansive; and they allow buyers to envision their belongings in the space since most furniture will work well against a neutral background.

Fortunately, choosing neutral paint colors doesn’t mean you have to forego style. There is a wide palette of effective neutrals to choose from. Consider the following suggestions.

Warm grays. Inviting shades of gray work well in any room, often providing an elegant, contemporary vibe. There’s a wide range of grays to choose from—consider one with a warm greenish hue or one that provides some balancing cool tones as well.

Soft whites. Shades of white provide the ultimate blank canvas for prospective buyers, allowing them to easily imagine their own furniture, linens and wall decor in the home. White walls are also the easiest to paint over or add pops of color to. Shades of white vary dramatically, so be sure to consult a paint professional and test out several samples. My recommendation is Swiss Coffee.

Pale pastels. You can introduce some color to a room if you keep it on the soft side. Look for very pale pastels that offer hints of pink, blue, green or lavender. Such colors can add appeal and personality without overpowering a space.

Rich beige. Another winning color choice for buyer-friendly walls is rich beige. Both buyers and designers consider beige to be one of the most versatile design colors, offering a warmer option than white. Beiges come in a variety of undertones, from gray to yellow, so be sure to select one that complements existing features like floors and cabinets. 



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