Study: Top 15 Cities for Millennial Renters


David Deem

By Jameson Doris

Texas is hot! Aside from the climate, the rental market is booming in the Lone Star State, with four of the top 15 cities for millennial renters located there, according to a RENTCafe study.
Analyzing data from 13 million rental applications across the U.S., national internet listing service RENTCafe found the cities where millennials applied the most for rentals this year compared to the past five years.
"We focused on large and mid-sized cities—where millennials represent 38.5 percent of applications—and ranked them based on each city's share," according to the company.
In Texas, the four cities that cracked the top 15 list are: Austin (No. 3), Houston (No. 4), San Antonio (No. 5) and Dallas (No. 12).
However, although Seattle, Wash., has topped the list for the past five years, Austin is set to overtake the West Coast city. The Texas capitol came in at No. 1 for 2020 and, according to RENTCafe, more than half of the renters who applied for an apartment in Austin were millennials (50.5 percent).
Below is an infographic compiled by RENTCafe that highlights the top 15 cities for millennial renters over the past five years.


Credit: RENTCafe

To view the full results of the survey, click here.




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