Should You Install a Double Vanity in Your Master Bathroom?


David Deem

If you’re planning to remodel your master bathroom, you may be thinking about installing a double vanity. It might make it easier to get ready and prevent some arguments with your partner, but it might also take up too much space or be too expensive. 

What is a Double Vanity?
A double vanity usually consists of two sinks placed side by side. In most cases, each sink has its own cabinet or drawers for storage. Each sink may have a separate mirror or one long mirror may extend above both sinks. You could choose a prefabricated double vanity or have one custom made to suit your preferences and your bathroom’s design.

Pros and Cons of a Double Vanity
A double vanity can be helpful for couples who get ready for work at the same time, who get frustrated taking turns in the bathroom or who get in each other’s way when both are in a hurry. Having separate areas can also be a good idea for couples who have different standards in terms of cleanliness. If each person has multiple hygiene and grooming products, having individual counter and storage space can make it easier to stay organized and prevent clutter. 

Two sinks take up a lot more space than one. Depending on the size and layout of the bathroom, a double vanity might work, or it might make the bathroom feel cramped and leave you with too little counter space. If there was not enough space between the sinks, you and your partner might bump elbows.

Having two sinks could limit the amount of storage space available. Two drain pipes would take up twice the amount of cabinet space, which would mean less room to store toiletries and other items.

Cost is another important factor. The price tag for two sinks, counters and cabinets, plus the additional cost to hook up plumbing for both sinks, might be prohibitive. 

Other Options to Consider
You might want to install two separate pedestal sinks. They could be placed side by side or put on separate walls, depending on the layout and dimensions of the master bathroom. The downsides of pedestal sinks are the lack of counter and storage space.

Another possibility is installing one long sink with two faucets. That could allow you and your partner to use the sink at the same time, but you would only have to pay for plumbing for one drain. With a single drainpipe, you would have more storage space than you would if you were to install two separate sinks. You would also have more counter space with one sink, and cleaning one sink would be easier than cleaning two.

Talk to Your Contractor
A double vanity sounds ideal to many couples, and it can be in some cases. For many homeowners, however, space and financial constraints make it impractical. You have numerous options when it comes to designing your master bathroom. Discuss your needs and goals with your contractor so you can choose the right design for you.


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