6 Ways to Create Separate Spaces in an Apartment

David Deem

Maybe you live in a studio apartment and need to separate your living space from your dining or workspace. Or perhaps you live in a sprawling loft with plenty of room, but no privacy. Smart décor solutions can help you make the most of your home—both in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. They can also help show your house in the best light when you’re trying to sell it. Here are a few inexpensive, quick tips to try:

Open Bookshelves
Bookshelves that are backless let plenty of light through, giving the semblance of separate spaces without making an apartment feel dark or smaller. Plus, they give you valuable storage space.

Filmy Curtains
Again, the idea here is to create a division without preventing light from pouring through a room. Plus, these are super easy to put up (all you need is a rod and fabric) and take down if you need a change. 

Sliding Doors
This slightly more involved fix uses a track near the ceiling to house elegant sliding doors that can be opened or closed, depending on how you’re using the space. 

Color Schemes
Monochromatic color schemes or different décor aesthetics in various parts of a room can create the illusion of separate spaces. 

Tall Plants
Statement greenery like bamboo or palms (whether real or artificial) can create an organic, serene feel while beautifully dividing your living quarters. 

Portable Screens
This is one of the easiest and fastest way to divide a space—perfect if you’re renting or simply want maximum flexibility. There are plenty of varieties so you can choose an airy one that lets light through or an opaque one if you’re trying to hide clutter.

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