Quick-Fix Items for Your Home to Have on Hand

David Deem

Maintaining your home requires more than your seasonal large maintenance projects. It also requires small day-to-day fixes to keep your home looking its best. Keep these handy items nearby for a quick fix whenever your home is in need.

Extra Paint:
Whether you opt to have paint samples or just save your current wall paint, it’s always a good idea to keep extra paint around. Scuffs, small scratches and holes can be quickly repaired or covered with a small bit of matching paint. While yes, your paint will never dry exactly the same as your first application, it will still be the perfect solution for minor issues.

E6000 Glue:
No mere super glue, E6000 is specifically formulated to handle your most intense gluing projects. With its praises sung by crafters and hardware stores alike, there is no doubt that this glue will come in handy. Said to be able to handle heavy materials like wood, metal and concrete. As well as an array of craft mediums, you will be grateful to have this at the ready the next time something chips or breaks and requires a hardy-but-simple fix.

Spackle and Putty Knife:
For obvious reasons, this is a must-have for home repairs. Don’t wait until you need it to buy it, however. It’s a small item that can be easily stored for later. Small holes from furniture, nails and other issues can be easily repaired with a little spackling compound and a little extra paint. To save time and hassle, look for a spackle with primer already in the compound.

Everyday Tool Set:
If you don’t already have a set of tools, there are basic items you need to have for everyday repairs. A simple toolset can be purchased at nearly any store, but will do wonders for your home the next time a small issue arises.

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