Organizing Strategies for a Streamlined Home

David Deem

Most of us avoid organizing our homes because the prospect seems too overwhelming: too much to tackle and no clue where to begin.

But according to Better Homes and Gardens, by following a few simple rules, you’ll be able to break organizing into manageable tasks, and be on your way to a tidier home. Get started by trying the following:

Change your mindset. In order to get organized, you must be willing to let things go. And don’t get bogged down thinking that the task is too large and will never be accomplished. Organizing is an ongoing project, so every step should be considered progress.

Be okay with disruption. Decluttering means rolling up your sleeves, pulling things apart and digging through everything. Set up five bags or boxes and label them “donate,” “trash,” “recycle,” “shred” and “other rooms”—then start divvying up your belongings among them. During this process, learn to live with the mess and keep the endgame in sight. Organizing takes time.

Store like items together. Most of us have our belongings spread all over the house. But the key to getting and staying organized is keeping similar items together, such as office supplies, small tools or first aid items.

Seek out containers. Before you head to the store to purchase pricey storage supplies, think creatively and look around your house to see what you can use to organize your belongings. Shoe boxes, metal bins, baskets, mason jars and old jewelry boxes can all serve as the perfect-sized containers for the various shapes and sizes of the things you need to organize.

Label. Whether it’s using a Sharpie on a shoe box, a piece of masking tape, or creating a more decorative version, labeling boxes once you’ve organized the contents within is essential to getting and staying organized. This will help you avoid rifling through closets and boxes in search of your belongings.

Enlist these strategies and embrace organizing with open arms.

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