Help Your Trees Survive a Storm

David Deem

If you’re expecting severe weather in the season ahead, it’s time to help your trees get ready to withstand the storm. The National Association of Landscape Professionals suggests you take these six steps right now to make sure your trees are up to the next weather challenge:

1. Carefully inspect your trees. Look for peeling bark, chips or cracks in the trunk. Is the soil heaving at the base? Are there holes or cavities, dead branches or leafless twigs and budless branches? All of these symptoms are signs of a weakened tree that needs pruning or possibly removal, depending on how widespread the damage is.

2. Start pruning. Cut away dead, weak or diseased branches and twigs. While this will protect your tree and your property, and added benefit is that it will let in more light for your yard and garden.

3. Add support. If you have a weakened tree, add flexible steel cables or braces to help support it. This will help transfer the tree’s weight from weaker branches to stronger ones, preventing it from bending and snapping.

4. Install lightning protection. If thunderstorms are a frequent threat in your area, consider installing a lightning protection system to help direct storm-related electricity aways from trees and through cables that direct it into the ground.

5. Keep up with maintenance. Don’t neglect routine maintenance, like watering, mulching and fertilizing, all of which play a big part in keeping trees healthy.

6. Treat as necessary. If your trees are afflicted with pests or disease, contact a professional who can treat them accordingly before the problem spreads throughout your property.

DRE#: 01266522


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