Creating a Safe, Secure Multigenerational Home

David Deem

Whether you're expecting a new addition to the family or making room for your elderly in-laws, transitioning your living space to accommodate multiple generations takes careful planning.

"Delayed marriage patterns, increased life expectancy and the housing crisis have all contributed to the resurgence of multi-generational households," says Richard Hart, co-owner of Harts Services. "While these homes are excellent solutions for many families, it's important to remember they often have unique plumbing and safety needs."

To help, Harts Services recommends making the following updates:

Install a new toilet. A standard ADA toilet is a more aesthetically pleasing option than a raised toilet seat. This toilet style is great for family members with limited mobility. Individuals with arthritis or that have had hip or knee replacements will greatly benefit from this upgrade.

Be mindful of the water heater temperature. It's important to check the water temperature before placing young children in the bath. To take further precautions against scalding, lower the water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This can help reduce the monthly energy bill as well.

Add cabinet locks. Cleaning products and medication stored inside easily reachable bathroom and kitchen cabinets can pose a hazard to children. It's a good idea to install cabinet locks to keep children safe from harmful substances.

Consider grab bars. Installing grab bars by the bath and toilet can provide extra assistance for relatives that require mobility assistance.

Invest in a shower chair. Shower chairs are great options to help seniors shower without assistance. They provide more stability for bathing and allow for added rest and comfort.

Add a toilet lid lock. Toilets can pose a drowning hazard to young children. A toilet lid lock can help keep them safe as well as protect your plumbing from any objects that children may attempt to flush down the toilet.

Source: Harts Services

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