5 Clean Bathroom Hacks

David Deem

By Zoe Eisenberg

Love a sparkling clean bathroom but scant on time? While you should do a deep bathroom clean every other week (or more, depending on the size of your family), the following tips can help you keep the space sparkling throughout the week until your next thorough scrub.

Keep a rag in the shower. Hang a cleaning rag in the shower to wipe down the surfaces after you bathe. At the end of the week, toss the rag in the wash to keep it clean.

Time that toilet bowl clean. Headed to the bathroom to wash up? Add some toilet bowl cleaner to your toilet, tackle a 2-3 minute task like brushing your teeth, then scrub the bowl before you hop in the shower.

Clean your shower head. It's easy for residue to cake over shower heads over time. To fix this, grab a plastic bag (check for holes first!), fill it with vinegar, tie the bag over the shower head and secure with a rubber band. Head off to work, and when you return, your shower head should sparkle. 

Wash your liner. Shower liner looking grimey? Toss it in the washing machine and then hang it back up - no dryer needed. While you're at it, toss in your bath mats, likely dirtier than you realize.

Counter sponge. Take a bright clean sponge and cut it in half. Keep one half for later and place the other half in a cute soap dish by the sink. At the end of each day, wipe the counter down with the sponge. Every other week, or as soon as the sponge begins to look dingy, toss it in the trash and swap in the other half.



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