Housewarming Gifts They Will Really Love

David Deem

By Barbara Pronin

A bottle of wine or a basket of fruit are almost always appreciated gifts. But if you’re visiting friends in their first new home, you may be casting about for a little something that’s more original.

Buzzfeed, a lifestyle maven for adventurous millennials, and Good Housekeeping Magazine suggest seven original housewarming gifts your friends will really love:

A zip code accent pillow. Personalized with their very own zip code, this cute accent pillow is available in several colors and sizes. It’s made by Sweet Houligans Designs, available on Etsy for about $25.

Cutting board map. A colorful map of the newcomers’ area on a super cool and practical cutting board they will use for years. Available from Uncommon Goods for about $50.

A good bottle of olive oil. Every cook needs it. Surround it in a basket with some good pasta, sauces, and a bottle of chianti and you may get invited back for dinner.

An attractive wine rack. The new homeowners will likely receive more than a few bottles of wine as gifts, so why not prepare them to store the wines in an attractive countertop wine rack. Available in most home stores or at larger liquor outlets.

Personalized stationery. They’ll be bowled over by a selection of personalized stationery and notes, a rubber stamp with their address, and a roll of personalized address labels. Order them online or at most stationery or mail stores.

A clever doormat. You can find a selection of cool doormats at your local home or big box store, or check out a mat that says, ‘Yay, it’s you!’ available for under $40 at

New-home Christmas ornament. They’ll think of you every time they hang this ornament on their tree. A key to their kingdom, with the year and the address can be ordered from Amazon for about $27.



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