Grilling Safety for the Summer Season

David Deem

Excited to grill out all summer long with friends and family? You should be! But don't forget to take safety precautions to stave off a grilling disaster. A recent Red Cross survey noted that grills can cause more than 9,000 home fires on average each year, and that three in five adults have walked away from a grill while cooking, which is one of the leading causes of grill fires. To avoid becoming one of these statistics, the Red Cross offers these grilling safety tips:

- Always supervise a barbecue grill when in use. Don't add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited.

- Never grill indoors – not in the house, camper, tent or any enclosed area.

- Make sure everyone, including pets, stays away from the grill.

- Keep the grill out in the open, away from the house, deck, tree branches, or anything that could catch fire.

- Use the long-handled tools especially made for cooking on the grill to help keep the chef safe.

Source: Red Cross



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