Why You Should Turn Your AC on Before Summer

David Deem

Many homeowners turn their AC off in the fall and forget about it until late spring or early summer. Unfortunately, doing so could mean your unit with fail when you need it most--peak summer season.

"Getting your HVAC unit regularly serviced can prevent it from failing during the times you need it most, and it can also save tremendous amounts of money that would be better spent on summer vacations," says Michael Petri, owner of Petri Plumbing & Heating. "There are a number of reasons why HVAC tune-ups should be on every responsible homeowner's list of routine annual maintenance.

The Petri Plumbing & Heating team offers these three reasons why homeowners should consider getting their air conditioner serviced this spring, to ensure it works all summer long.

Keep the cold air blowing on a hot day. The most obvious reason for regular maintenance is to make sure the air conditioning doesn't stop working when temperatures rise. Most HVAC units experience problems when they work under heightened strain, such as when outside temps are very high or very low. This means that the majority of air conditioning units that break down do so when it's very hot. Making sure to schedule a tune-up prior to powering on a unit after summer arrives can keep a home's occupants from being without AC on a sweltering day.

Many HVAC unit warranties require regular maintenance. Many HVAC units have multi-year manufacturer warranties that will replace or repair a unit free of charge to the customer. However, a common stipulation of these warranties is that the HVAC must be regularly maintained. If a homeowner can't show evidence of annual maintenance, the warranty may be void.

Extend the life of the unit. Replacing an HVAC is costly, with units themselves costing several hundred dollars at a minimum, and that's before adding the cost of installation. Regular maintenance on an HVAC unit can add years to its life, allowing residents to push off an expense that often surpasses $2,000 on the low end of the price range.

Source:  Petri Plumbing & Heating



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