Improving At-Home Water Quality

David Deem

Did you know the quality of your drinking water goes well beyond a simple filter? Did you know that you as an individual can help to improve and maintain your communities' water quality.

"The quality and cleanliness of our drinking water is something that is obviously very important to everyone, even if we don't think about it that often," says Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services. "We all need to take action to maintain that quality and even improve it."

Puzio suggests residents take the following to preserve their water quality:

Take cars to the car wash. Commercial car washes are required to follow guidelines on the soaps they use and on wastewater disposal. Homeowners may not know that washing their car on the street or in the driveway can pollute local streams, creeks and rivers by carrying harmful chemicals (such as soaps) to the storm drain. A common misconception is that storm drains flow into sewers, when in fact storm water is often carried to local waterways.

Think before you flush. While sewers and septic tanks are equipped to handle waste water, it is important to flush only appropriate substances. Flushing prescription drugs, paint thinners or other chemicals can potentially contaminate the water supply, especially if a home is served by a well.

Inspect wells and test the water. Homes that use well water should have their wells inspected and the water tested by a certified professional to ensure contaminants aren't finding their way into the water table.

Consider a whole-home water filtration system. These systems are more elaborate than those that go in a pitcher or on a faucet. They purify all the water used in a home by filtering it as it enters the residence. Most people find the water tastes better than unfiltered tap water, and the systems can also remove any sediment or chemicals that are picked up between the water treatment plant and the home.

Source: Southern Trust Home Services



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