Want a Green Yard? Go Electric!

David Deem

By John Voket

Almost 15 years ago, before everyone was talking about global warming, Mowgreen.us founder Dan Delventhal started a carbon-emission-free lawn care movement with a single push mower.

Since then, he's supplementing his old-school push mower using the latest battery powered and 100-percent renewable energy solar charged landscaping equipment.

Over the past couple of years, Delventhal says he and his MowGreen.US minions have seen huge improvements in gas-free lawn maintenance equipment. This is good news, because the average lawn maintained by gasoline machines creates 5 tons of carbon pollution per year - the equivalent of an extra car on the road per home.

Christian Rogers at yardmasterz.com recently created a 'Buyers Guide' to help consumers plug-into the emission-free options in electric mowers - and recommends consumers consider these factors:

Battery Voltage & Run Time. Cordless mower battery voltage can run from 40V to 84V.  Rogers says you get more run time from a larger voltage battery, similar to engine horsepower.

Blade Cut Width. Rogers says get the widest cut you can afford, but don’t sacrifice battery voltage or other convenience features just for the larger cutting width.

Mower Weight. Most cordless mowers weigh 40 to 90 pounds - powerful, yet light enough for just about anyone to use without problem, Rogers says.

Single vs. Dual Blades. Rogers doesn't think dual blades are a “must have” - but whatever type or size blade, he says it's more important to keep those blades sharp.

Yard Size. Rogers says if your lawn is larger than a 1/3 acre, consider a model where you can swap out the battery when the first one has run down to increase range.

A final tip: when it comes to power sources, all the cordless mowers that thetoolreport.com reviewed for 2019 use lithium-ion batteries and brushless electric motors that offer huge advantages in power output, time to charge, usage time, and battery usage efficiency.


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