How-To Throw the Coolest Pool Party

David Deem

Pool owners live for the summer season, when they can lounge poolside with their family and friends. If you're planning a pool party in the coming season, consider the following pool party tips from pool-liner manufacturer LOOP-LOC:

Perfect your pool accessories. Whether your guests are looking to relax in the sun or play a rousing water sport, be prepared. Make sure your guests have access to water accessories such as trendy pool floats (we're talking about you, flamingo float), noodles, a volleyball and net, a water basketball and hoop, or beach balls to name a few items. Pool toys can make the pool more fun and interactive, which can only increase your guests' enjoyment.

Provide light bites. When hosting a party, food is expected. Think of serving healthier, energy-fueling snacks to your keep guests swimming. Vegetable and fruit platters, almonds, cashews and crowd favorites like chips and guacamole are sure to satisfy party goers without leaving them feeling bloated (don't forget its swimsuit season). If you are thinking of serving a more filling meal, don't be afraid to fire up the grill. Whatever snacks you choose, be sure that they energize your guests, swimming can get tiring!

Select a flawless playlist. Let the music set the tone for your party. Choose upbeat, happy songs that your guests can't help but sing and dance to. Music can also be a great way to break the ice between party attendees. Allow the conversation to flow more naturally with a well thought-out playlist and a strategically placed (wireless) speaker.

Hydrate your guests. There is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer day. And your guests will be looking for something refreshing after working up a thirst from swimming in the summer sun. Make sure that there is a variety of drink options for your guests to sip on.

Keep swimmers safe. With great fun, comes great responsibility. Be sure that your party guests are aware of the pool safety rules before taking a dip. For younger guests, this means not swimming without an adult present. For adults, this might mean keeping an eye on younger swimmers. Remember to avoid using glass dishware and make sure to always have a first aid kit handy for those just-in-case scenarios.

Source: LOOP-LOC



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