Get Your Yard Ready For Summer Parties

David Deem

Planning to host a summer soiree this year? You better start prepping your yard now.

"Spring preparation is the secret to effortless summer gatherings," says HGTV star Chip Wade. "Take steps to get your yard in shape now, so you're ready this summer whenever friends and family get together."

Wade looks for practical "do it once and you're done" solutions for homeowners upgrading outdoor spaces. Chip's tips include:

Low Voltage Lighting. At night, landscape lights can turn even nondescript yards into appealing spaces, while making walkways safer. Yet many don't realize how easy it is to wire safe, low voltage lighting. According to Wade, simply plug a transformer box into an outdoor outlet to convert household current to shock-free low voltage. Then wire your fixtures into the box.

One Application Lawn Care. Most homeowners want a lush, green, weed-free lawn but don't want to spend lots of time and money, says Wade. Instead of applying different products in multiple applications, he suggests Preen One Lawncare, combining three essential treatments into one application. It prevents crabgrass and kills crabgrass seedlings, while killing broadleaf weeds down to the roots, and feeding the lawn all season. Apply it when you first see the yellow of dandelions.

No Weeds, No Weeding. Tidy landscape beds upgrade any property. "You want crisp edges, fresh mulch and no weeds," says Wade. To keep beds weed-free for six months, guaranteed, sprinkle weed control granules on top of mulch. Water it in to form a protective barrier that stops weed seeds from rooting, so they never grow. No weeds means no weeding!

Green Walls Create a Party Mood. Green walls are trending. "A wall or fence covered with panels of succulents or ferns adds charm and feels cooling in outdoor seating areas," says Wade. However, many find live green walls difficult to maintain. Wade chooses new realistic, artificial options. "Quality faux green wall panels made of UV protected materials are natural-looking and can last 10 years," says Wade.

With a bit of spring preparation, your backyard can be the place to be this summer, making every day a special occasion for you, your family and friends.




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