Neighborhood Amenities to Look Into Before Purchasing a Home

David Deem

By Kurtis Forster

If you're on the hunt for a new home, you need to be doing your homework. Research before buying a new home is absolutely crucial to ensure you're making the right choice. After all, you want to love your new place years into the future. Thus, you want to find a place that'll fit all your needs and won’t leave you wanting more.

Here are some neighborhood amenities you should look into before buying a home:

Schools and Conveniences
If you have kids, schools should be at the top of your list. Even if you don't have kids yet, but plan to in the future, having good schools in your neighborhood will make things easier down the road. You won't have to deal with your kids taking long bus rides or a shuffling of schedules to try to drop them off at the right time. Before buying, inquire about what schools are in the area and what their boundaries are.

Grocery stores, banks and shopping plazas within a five-mile radius can also make a difference. If you're ever missing that one ingredient or need a quick add-on to your friend's birthday gift, you won't have to run across town. Look into these things before making an offer.

Public Parks
Love the outdoors and exercising? Make sure there are public trails or parks close by. It can motivate you and your family to stay active.

Recreational Activities
If you or your family like to partake in activities such as team sports, do your research. Does the community have leagues you or your kids can join? Do games take place close to your new home? Or perhaps your kids are into competitive dance—find out where the closest studio is! These things will matter, especially when it becomes a regular activity.

Local restaurants, theaters and bowling alleys can provide an abundance of things to do. Find out what is offered near the home you're looking into buying. Get the lowdown on these entertainment aspects—then, decide if it’s right for you and your family.

You want to enjoy your new home. What's around it can sometimes matter just as much as what’s in it. Assess your and your family’s needs to determine what matters to you the most. Often, your home-buying decision will come down to the location. Make sure you find one that brings you and your family years of happiness!



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