How to Create More Space at Home

David Deem

Longing for a larger living room, kitchen or bedroom? While you can't actually fake more space, you can create the illusion of it. Below are five ways to do just that.

Use large center items. Yes, you should have that overstuffed sofa even in a small room. The trick to it is minimization. Choose just one or two large centerpiece items, including large art on the walls and large potted plants.

Consider transition. If your small space leads into or off of another space, consider how the spaces transition into one another to give the illusion of more footage. Choose colors and design schemes that blend well. 

Avoid patterns. Limit the use of patterns in furniture and fabric to avoid a busy-looking space. If you want to add a pop of vibrancy, consider a loud color instead, like orange or red.

Don't block the windows. Big windows in your tiny room? Great! Utilize them by keeping them unobstructed. Frame them with plants, and skip the curtains.

Reflect. Mirrors are your friend in small spaces, but you can also incorporate other reflective items, like a glass coffee table or lamp. Make sure to light your space right, with ample lighting sources, so all that light can reflect.


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