Top Tips to Prep Your Pool Deck for Fall and Winter

David Deem

Closing out the pool for the season? Your deck, too, can use a little TLC. Inground pool liners manufacturer LOOP-LOC shares tips for preparing your pool deck for fall and winter.

Clear. When it comes time to prepare your pool deck for the cooler months, the first order of business is to clear it of any leaves and brush. Make any repairs, then power wash it with deck cleaner. After it dries, reseal it before the weather turns too cold.

Pepper in plants. Place some weather-safe plants around the deck that will withstand the fall and winter months. Summer pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets can be repurposed to hold evergreen winter accents such as rhododendron and holly. Weave in some twigs to provide a touch of color and texture. Make sure to water them during dry periods.

Consider the birds. A bird feeder is a wonderful addition to a fall/winter deck. Enjoy watching the feathered antics from the warmth of your house. Keep the feeder full, add some suet cakes and birds are sure to frequent the deck. Adding a bird bath with a warmer and placing some twigs over it so they can drink but not bathe, will also encourage them to fly about the yard. Maintain some dormant perennials such as black-eyed Susan, coneflower and ornamental grasses during the autumn and winter months to encourage birds to scratch for the seeds.

Add on. This time of the year is also the perfect opportunity to add items such as a bench, trellis or garden sculpture. Install some low-voltage or LED lighting that will not only highlight the landscape, but allow the opportunity to relax in the spa, birdwatch or survey other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Cover. Finally, don't forget to cover the pool with a pool cover. Make sure to find a safety pool covers meet and exceed ASTM guidelines for safety covers and safeguard the pool liner while ensuring that pets and people cannot gain access to the pool when it is not in use.


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