These Items Are Not Dishwasher Safe

David Deem

While the dishwasher is a magical place for deep cleaning a wide variety of household items beyond dishes, this method of cleaning is not safe for many of your beloved possessions, and can be harmful to many materials. Check out this not-for-the-dishwasher list from Martha Stewart:

- Acrylic
- Adhesive-joined pieces
- Aluminum, including anodized aluminum
- Antiques
- Blown glass
- Brass
- Bronze
- Cast iron
- China with metallic decoration
- Crystal
- Disposable plastics not labeled "dishwasher-safe"
- Flatware with bone, plastic, or wood inlays or handles
- Gold-plated flatware
- Iron
- Knives
- Many nonstick pots and pans (check manufacturer's instructions first)
- Milk glass
- Pewter
- Rubber tools
- Tin
- Wooden spoons

Martha also advises against crowding too many pieces into the flatware basket as this can cause scratching, and to never mix sterling or silver-plate and stainless-steel flatware in the dishwasher, as a reaction between the two metals can damage both finishes.



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