Moving with Pets - Impossible or Possible? Courtesy of The Deem Team

With people moving worldwide for work, Boxers are going bicoastal and cats are clearing through customs on a daily basis. Moving isn’t just stressful for people, it’s equally stressful for pets. So when it comes to moving pets, pre-planning is very important as animals can be very sensitive to changes in their surroundings. So we went to the expert Rachel Farris, relocation specialist at Farris offered three top things to keep in mind as a pet owner moving with pets.

1. Make Friends with the Travel Crate-Whether you travel by car or by air, the crate your pet travels in will be his “home” during the trip and it’s crucial that your pet feels comfortable in it ahead of time. According to Farris, “As soon as you know you’re moving, it’s a good idea to get the crate,” Farris said. “That way, you can start getting your pet used to it well in advance. This will help your pet’s stress levels on your move date.” She also pointed out that many pet stores offer crate training classes. Additionally you can try feeding your pet in the crate on a daily basis to help ease the transition.

2. Pick a Frequent Fido Flier—Why should you get extra leg room for yourself but not for your pet? Select an airline that offers first-class accommodations for pets traveling in the cabin or under the plane. “At, we only work with pet-friendly airlines that keep pets in climate-controlled conditions throughout the flight,” says Farris. “This ensures that every pet will arrive safely at its destination.” According to Farris, Continental and Northwest are both known for their superior pet-safe cargo programs in the US, and Jet Blue just introduced their new JetPaws program, which caters to pets traveling in-cabin.

3. Arrange a Jet-Setter Check Up With Your Vet—If you’re making a trip across state lines or international borders, you’ll need a health certificate issued the week before the flight. “Most states require pets to be current on their rabies shots,” Farris says, “and for international trips, the documentation for importing or exporting pets can be even more complex.” Planning ahead and consulting a professional pet relocation company can ensure that your trip goes smoothly.
No matter if your move is big or small it is important to do your research and make plans accordingly when moving pets. This can make all the difference, resulting in a well transitioned pet and a less stressed pet owner.


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