How to Keep the Peace With Nosy Neighbors Courtesy of The Deem Team


While you may have taken all the steps necessary to choose the perfect home, unfortunately, you can’t choose who lives next door. Whether they’re too loud, too messy or too nosy, there are tactful ways to handle less-than-ideal neighbors. Try the suggestions for coexisting peacefully and enjoying your new home:

Start with courtesy. Be sure to start out on the right foot by being courteous and kind. Even if the neighbors don’t seem to be “your cup of tea,” do your best to get to know them and open up lines of communication. Doing so will allow you to be candid about serious matters if and when the need arises. If you haven’t established a friendly relationship from the outset, if a problem arises, things could get contentious fast.

Politely establish ground rules. If your neighbors are the type who like to pop in unexpectedly--and often--don’t be shy about politely setting some ground rules...and explain why. Let them know you need downtime after work to catch up with your spouse, that you like to nap on the weekends, that you promised your kids one-on-one time in the evening, that you do yoga in the mornings. Whatever the case may be, just give them a specific reason that lets them know it’s about you, not them. Assure them you’d love to catch up, just to please call or text first.

Create some boundaries. If you really need to create some physical space between you and the neighbor, consider a row of fast-growing arborvitae or cypress trees, or a stylish fence.

Understand the situation. Before you get irate over the neighbor’s overgrown yard, take the time to find out why. Perhaps there was a recent tragedy or illness that’s preventing your neighbor from getting around to mowing the lawn and trimming brush. If that’s the case, perhaps an offer to help is in order.

Before you take action, learn the law. If you do have a neighbor who seems to be violating neighborhood laws, check with your local city hall to learn about the regulations for noise, junk, vehicles, yard upkeep, etc. Always try talking to your neighbor first before contacting authorities in order to avoid an increasingly unpleasant situation.


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