Tips for Island-Inspired Interiors


David Deem

No matter where you live, you can bring the laid-back look into your home. Whether it’s a summer getaway near the beach or a year-round residence in the suburbs, island-inspired interiors are sure to deliver peace of mind. If this sounds appealing to you, here are a few tips to introduce the look to your home. 

Light Color Palette
Color is everything when it comes to creating a coastal cool aesthetic and lighter tones are most commonly used. Crisp white walls can be accented with soft blues and greens for a classic look that feels fun and elegant at the same time. If you want to go with a bold color scheme, try adding a burst of energy with coral or canary yellow, and your interiors will be sure to capture the island ambience.

Natural Textures
Whether you’re taking inspiration from the Bahamas or Bali, an abundance of natural textures are found in practically any island setting. You can never go wrong with stone floors, like Caribbean shell stone, and natural fibers, such as jute and rattan furniture, to infuse a touch of the tropics in your home.

Breezy Window Treatments
Window (and door) treatments play a big role in creating the look and there are a few different options. For some, it’s all about having linen curtains that blow in the wind as a sea breeze flows throughout the home. Plantation shutters are another popular choice that provides privacy and ventilation while adding a unique visual element to the room.

Of course, a fun way to create island appeal wherever you live is to incorporate a few tropical plants into your interior design, like an indoor palm tree, flamingo flower, or banana leaf plant. With proper care, they can keep your home feeling like a little oasis all year long, regardless of what the weather is looking like outside.



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