4 Home Features That Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces


David Deem

It’s quite common for luxury homebuyers to look for a property that has just the right balance between luxury and natural beauty. Perhaps that’s why homes that thoughtfully blend indoor and outdoor living spaces are often in high demand. If you’re looking for a property that offers exactly this, here are a few features that can deliver the best of both worlds.  

Retractable Glass Walls
You can remove the barrier (literally) between the interior and exterior of your home with a retractable glass wall. This sleek, modern feature is ideal for anyone who wants to open up their living space to a fresh breeze and create a seamless connection to the terrace or backyard, while also enjoying an abundance of natural light and unobstructed views even when the glass wall is closed.

Outdoor Kitchens
Who said you have to spend hours inside to prepare a wholesome family dinner? Outdoor kitchens have fast become a favorite amenity for homeowners who want all of the high-end appliances found in traditional cooking space but in an al fresco setting. After all, no one wants to go inside to cook when the sun is shining and the kids are playing in the pool.

A solarium, also known as a conservatory, is a room that’s entirely enclosed by glass walls and ceilings. It’s just about as close as you can get to going outside without actually leaving the house and, on a bluebird winter day, the sun can naturally heat a solarium right up to a comfortable temperature. This feature is particularly desirable for those who want to grow houseplants and trees that require ample sunshine year-round.

Covered Outdoor Space
Whether it’s a loggia, veranda or a screened-in porch, a covered outdoor area offers plenty of unique advantages. For starters, you can decorate with luxurious furniture without having to worry about damage from rain or sunshine. Additionally, it offers just the right amount of shelter from the elements, so you can enjoy being outside regardless of the weather.



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