Should You Replace the Carpets Before Selling Your House?

David Deem

Carpets can experience a lot of wear and tear from daily foot traffic. If you’re planning to sell your house and want to get top dollar, you need to present it in a positive light.

Prospective buyers may notice stained or worn-out carpets immediately and form a negative impression of your home. Replacing the carpets may be a wise investment, but it may not be necessary in some cases.

When You Should Replace the Carpets
Most homebuyers want a house that is ready for them to move into right away. If potential buyers see carpeting that is in poor condition and needs to be replaced, they may decide to pass on your house, especially if comparable homes with newer carpets are available in the same area. They may not even bother to consider upgrades you have made elsewhere. If buyers make an offer, it may be well below your asking price. Fresh new carpeting, on the other hand, can make your home more appealing.

Replace carpets that are worn in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, are ripped or frayed, have stains or have gotten wet and have mildew. You should also replace carpeting if it looks outdated or if it has pet odors that cannot be removed by cleaning.

When It May Not Be Necessary to Install New Carpeting
It may be possible to avoid the expense of replacing the carpets. If carpeting is only slightly worn in some places, you may be able to stage your home in such a way that furniture covers those areas. If the carpets are in good condition overall, you may be able to have them professionally cleaned to make them look like new. If your house is a fixer upper and you just want to get it off your hands, the damaged flooring may not deter potential buyers who are expecting to do a lot of work.

Factors That Can Affect the Cost of New Carpets 
The price tag for new flooring will depend on the type of carpeting you choose, the number of square feet you need to cover and how much the company charges for installation. You will also have to pay for padding to put under the carpets and possibly for repairs to the subfloor. The project may cost several thousand dollars, but not replacing old and damaged carpet may make it difficult to sell your house.

Figure Out What to Do About the Carpets in Your Home 
To get the best possible price for your home, the carpets will need to look good. If you need advice on what to do about the flooring in your house, talk to your real estate agent.




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