Homeowner Tips: Why Plumbers Prefer Hydro Jetting Over Using Chemicals

David Deem

By Anita Ginsburg

Just when you think it's going to be the best day ever, you're stopped dead in your tracks. You need to use your sink, toilet or shower but you notice that something isn't right. There is a horrible odor, and it won't drain.
You know that regardless of what plumbing issue is, you need to act fast. You call a plumber and see them use a method you may have never seen before: hydro jetting. Here's why many plumbers prefer using hydro jetting over snaking or using chemicals:
When you contact a plumber, you probably expect them to put a snake down your drain or use high-quality chemical products to fix a clog. Hydro jetting is essentially both of these methods in one except with over 4,000 pounds of water pressure.
Hydro jetting is when a plumber uses a professional-grade hose and sprays with high-intensity water pressure to clean out pipes. Due to the enormous amount of force hydro jetting produces, it cleans the pipes efficiently by removing all kinds of clogs.
Hydro jetting uses nothing but water to clean out sewer pipes. Chemicals are not always the safest to use, especially in large quantities. Sewer pipes are durable; however, overusing chemicals can cause them to corrode. Corrosion is a leading cause of pipe leaks.
Drain snakes can also be used to clean out pipes. However, as useful as they are, snakes have their share of cons too. You would expect a drain snake to be a one-and-done deal with a clog, but that's not always the case. Snakes can sometimes miss their target, leaving some of the materials causing the clog still in the pipes. They also can potentially damage the pipes from the inside and cause them to eventually crack.
Some people may think that blasting water with such pressure is dangerous as well. Although hydro jetting can damage pipes if not performed properly, when done by a professional, it's a cost-effective, safe solution.
Hydro jetting is not a very common method of cleaning pipes, which is why many people are confused as to what it is. However, in recent years, hydro jetting has seen a drastic increase in use because of its efficiency. Just make sure it's done by a professional!



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