3 Innovative Features to Introduce to Your Home

David Deem

The 2020 Consumer Electronic Show was held in Las Vegas in early January and put the spotlight on all the latest and greatest gadgets in the tech world. You never know what you’re going to see at this annual gathering and this year certainly did not disappoint, from a 10-second toothbrush called the Y-Brush to a 292-inch Samsung TV. With an eye on the world of smart home technology, here are a few innovative trends that were showcased at this year’s event.

Bluetooth Light Switches
Even if you have a smart lighting system that’s controlled over your phone, you still need to have light switches throughout your home. Rather than having to fuss with all the wiring, however, Bluetooth switches that seamlessly connect to the lights have begun to hit the market and offer the ultimate convenience. Smart switches and dimmers, like the C by GE, allow you to get just the right illumination and can be easily set up without having to call in the electrician.

Security with Style
Smart home security systems have made it easy to outfit our residences with state-of-the-art features, like 24-hour video monitoring. However, some people understandably feel that the presence of a security camera can be a bit unsightly and unsettling inside of a home. With this in mind, companies are taking the initiative to design stylish furnishings that are equipped with discreet security cameras, like the Panasonic HomeHawk floor lamp.

Recycled Water Systems
We can all agree that reducing water and electricity consumption is a good thing, which is why tech companies are exploring new ways to do so at home. One of the most exciting breakthroughs in this regard is the emergence of compact residential water recycling systems, like the Hydraloop. This brilliant system cleans and disinfects the water used in your shower and bath, then reuses it in your washing machine, toilets and irrigation, for a reduction in water consumption of up to 45 percent. 




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