Which Couch is Right for You?


David Deem

Whether you have just moved into your first home or simply need to update your living room furniture, finding the right couch for you and family is a must. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, this process can become overwhelming. Here are seven different types of sofas to help you in your search for the couch that fits your wants, needs and most importantly, your home:

A sectional sofa is made up of multiple pieces, usually 3 to 5, arranged in either an L or U shape. Some styles offer more sections and can even allow you to configure the couch to your liking or to best fit into a particular space. Ottomans are sometimes added as pieces of a sectional and can be placed up against the couch to create a bed-like style. Because you break down or build up the size of this sofa, sectionals can be ideal for any type of home, large or small.

Pull Out Sofa Bed
Speaking of a bed-like style, a pull out sofa bed is exactly that. This traditional looking couch houses a large bed under its seat. By removing the seat cushions, you have access to pull out the folded up, usually full-to-queen size mattress. A great option for guests, this bed can be made up and slept on comfortably. When the morning comes, strip the bed and easily fold it back into the seat of the couch.

Another version of a sofa/bed style couch is a futon. The back of this sofa simply folds back to become a flat sleeping surface. These come in many sizes, some large enough to fold out to a queen size bed. A futon is a common couch style used in college dorms, apartments and those who are looking for a budget-friendly option. 

A loveseat is known from its name as a couch made for two people. This sofa can come in many different styles and is most commonly part of a living room set, paired with a larger couch and sometimes a chair. If not used in a set, this is a good choice for a home with a smaller living room, such as an apartment, or can even be used as an accent piece in a master bedroom, paired with an ottoman or small table. 

Chaise Lounge
A master bedroom may instead feature a chaise lounge. This sofa-style long chair is more of a decorative piece of furniture than a necessity, however, they are still a popular option for a room dedicated to relaxation. Some styles feature no arms, similar to a lounge chair by the pool or patio, while others feature one arm. For someone looking for a decadent, yet cozy spot to unwind, a chaise lounge could be the perfect sofa.

Recliner Sofa
Derived from the classic reclining chair, reclining sofas are made for ultimate comfort. Some styles allow only the end seats to recline, while others will allow everyone on the couch to lay back and relax. Some even feature high-tech controls and built-in cup holders and table tops. Leather is a popular textile for the reclining sofa, especially when it’s put into a media room or man cave. 

Mid-Century Modern
For a clean, minimalistic look, a mid-century modern style couch is the way to go. There are many different designs that can fall under this category, all created to show off a simple, yet striking style. Though mid-century modern furniture is made to look good, the comfort level isn’t always a prominent feature. But in a living room styled with plenty of pillows and throws, sacrificing comfort for character is worth it.



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