What Your House Color Says About You

David Deem

One of the first things that often draws us to a house is its color. While various hues go in and out of fashion on the color-trend charts—and the occasional research report will claim that certain color homes sell faster than others—the color we choose to paint our home ultimately reflects our personal taste...and our personality.
According to Psychology Today, these colors may reflect the following about our personalities:

Charcoal: This darkest shade of gray is as close as you can get to black when it comes to house paint colors. People who like black are often artistic and sensitive, and may be closely guarded about sharing the details of their lives.

White: One of the most common colors for a home, people who are drawn to white are usually organized and logical. Don’t expect to see a lot of clutter in their lives...or homes.

Blue: Available in myriad shades when it comes to house colors, those who lean toward blue seek harmony, are reliable, sensitive and often put others before themselves. Blue lovers also like to keep things neat and tidy, valuing stability above all else. 

Green: Love a green home? Chances are you may be affectionate, loyal and straightforward. Those who like green are also quite conscious of maintaining a good reputation. 

Yellow: It’s no surprise that those who love yellow usually have a very sunny disposition. Yellow lovers find happiness easily and are people-oriented, readily learning and sharing knowledge with others.

Brown: If brown is your shade of choice, you’re probably reliable, trustworthy and down to earth. Being flashy is not your thing.

The options are many when it comes to house paint, so choose the one that speaks to you and will make you happy for years to come. And when you want to experiment with a new color, get creative and try it out on your front door or trim. 

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