The Master “Change of Address” Checklist for Your Next Move

David Deem

Any time you move to a new home, things change. A new neighborhood, new people to meet and a new address. With the stress of a big move and the excitement of starting the next chapter in life, there are important tasks that need to get done, but are inevitably put on the back burner.

Once your boxes are unpacked and you start to settle in, the next step is to identify any and all places where your address needs to be updated. Trying to figure out every company, account or personal document that needs to be updated can be just as stressful as move-in day. So, instead of digging through your mail and potentially missing a bill, check out this master list of all necessary (and possible) places you may need to update your address.

Government Agencies:
  • Post Office
  • DMV - License, Vehicle Registration (Plates, if you moved out of state)
  • IRS/Other Tax Agencies
  • Social Security Administration
  • Voter Registration
Financial Providers:
  • Banks/Credit Card Company
  • Loan Providers
  • Accountants
  • Gas/Electric Company
  • Cable/Internet/Phone Provider
  • Cell Phone Carrier
Insurance Companies:
  • Health/Dental/Life Insurance Provider
  • Car Insurance Provider
  • Home/Renter’s Insurance Provider
Personal, Family & Pets:
  • Employer
  • Doctor/Dentist
  • Schools (If you have children)
  • Veterinarians (If you have pets)
Memberships & Services:
  • Online Accounts (Amazon, PayPal, etc.) 
  • Streaming Services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
  • Subscriptions (Magazines, meal delivery, etc.)
  • Clubs/Organizations (Costco, BJs, Sam’s Club, etc.)
  • Gym
And last but not least, don’t forget to update your friends and family of your new address. 
Once you make your way through this checklist, you can officially call your new house your home!

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