4 Rooms to Renovate Before Selling a Fixer-Upper

David Deem

By Meghan Belnap

Purchasing a fixer-upper gives homeowners the perfect opportunity to have their own dream home makeover. As these renovations can be quite costly and time-consuming, homeowners would do well to focus on a few key areas of their home when starting the renovation. Consider the following ideas during a home remodel:

The kitchen is one room that's guaranteed to get a lot of traffic. Homeowners that are remodeling often like to begin with the kitchen to make sure this room fits in with the rest of the home. Start by developing a remodeling plan and removing all unwanted appliances, cabinetry and other items from the kitchen. Experts recommend updating the plumbing, replacing the wiring and upgrading the lighting in the kitchen at this time. Remodeling details like a new coat of paint and adding in tech-savvy appliances should be the final step in a kitchen remodel.

Your bathrooms will likely receive just as much traffic as the kitchen. Make remodeling the bathroom as easy as possible by making cost-effective upgrades that will improve your ROI. Some of the most budget-friendly ideas for a bathroom remodel include refinishing or repainting cabinets, installing an energy-efficient toilet, adding in new lighting, updating hardware, putting in new mirrors, replacing countertops and deep cleaning the room. In addition to these simple changes, homeowners should consider adding in luxury upgrades.

Main Bedroom
With just a few upgrades, homeowners can make their main bedroom as "wow"-worthy as it's supposed to be. Simplifying the decor in a bedroom is often enough to completely change the way it looks. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint, installing modern window treatments and pulling up old flooring to breathe a breath of fresh air into the main bedroom.

Living Room
A freshly remodeled living room is one upgrade that's guaranteed to make your fixer-upper feel like a newly-constructed home. One effective way to bring new life into a living room is to open up the space with new windows. This upgrade has a 75 percent ROI as new windows will allow more natural light to flow in, making the room appear bigger and brighter during the day. To make the room even more expansive, consider knocking down a wall or two for more of an open floor layout.
 Make your new house look like a dream home during this renovation. By focusing on these four areas in your house, you'll be able to completely transform your fixer-upper into a highly sought-after home.

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