How to Clean Those Nooks and Crannies

David Deem

By Zoe Eisenberg

Whether it's those slots in your wooden table or the gap between the counter and stove, some spaces are really difficult to clean. Consider the following to really detail every spot in your home:

Paint stick. Wrap a microfiber cloth around a clean (or at least dry) paint stick and slide it into your tight space to swipe up dust and debris. A clean sock can do the trick, too.

Wire hanger. Similar to the paint stick but for even smaller space, wrap a cloth or paper towel around a wire hanger and use it to gently remove grime from the smallest of crannies.

Compressed air. An eco-friendly can of compressed air can help blow debris out of small spaces - like the slots in your knife block - that seem impossible to access.

Vacuum accessories. Don't forget those handy brush accessories that came with your vacuum. Use them to get in to dust your fridge fan, that crack behind the couch, and more.
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