House Overflowing? How to Choose a Storage Unit

David Deem

If you’re in the process of moving, have recently downsized, or have a family member moving in, you may be out of space and in need of a storage unit. Before you tuck away your possessions, however, make sure you know the ins and outs of selecting a reliable storage unit. Consider this wise advice from the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

- Before rushing out to rent a unit, spend some time figuring out exactly how much space you’ll need. Gather all the items you plan to store to get an idea of how large a unit you’ll need. Be sure to factor in additional space to be able to move around comfortably within the unit and easily access your belongings at any given time.

- What type of environment will your items need to be stored in? For example, are you storing artwork or antiques that could be affected by high temperatures? Wooden furniture that’s sensitive to moisture? Circumstances like these will require you to find a storage unit that’s climate controlled.

- Do some research about the storage facility itself, such as the gate and office hours. Visit the BBB website to check out customer reviews and to find out the company’s accreditation status.

- Be sure to inquire about the security of the storage facility. Find out if they have cameras and a monitoring system in place. The BBB also suggests purchasing insurance for your storage unit, either through your insurance company or the storage facility itself.

- Finally, be sure to make a personal visit and conduct a thorough inspection before signing a contract. Make sure the storage unit is clean, free of pests and leaks, and in good condition overall.



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