Pool Maintenance 101 for New Pool Owners

David Deem

Are you the brand new owner of a pool, or currently considering adding a pool to your property? While pools can bring you and your family hours of endless fun in warm weather, it's important to know the basics of pool ownership. To help, removable pool fence manufacturer LOOP-LOC discusses basic pool knowledge for new pool owners.

Organize Your Files. While it may not seem like this is a part of pool care, it is crucial that you keep every manual, receipt and any paperwork that comes with your pool. By organizing them and keeping them in a place where you can easily find them, whenever you have to fix something in your pool, whether it be you or a handyman,  you will have no issue figuring out what parts are needed for the situation. Also, with smartphones in each of our pockets, it is wise to take a couple of photos of key information involving the pool in case you misplace documentation and need the information in a pinch. By doing all of this, you will have the foresight of being prepared five or ten years down the road when you inevitably need to replace a part or two.

Study Online. It can be troubling to not know how to take care of your new expensive investment. By researching online, you can read and watch instructional videos on how to learn to properly care for your pool. This information can range from learning the correct chemicals to purchase to knowing exactly when to use them.

Put it on Your Calendar. While pools are beautiful, they require regular maintenance to stay that way. They also require you to put the information you learned about pool care into practice. The best way to do this is to create a weekly schedule for all your pool care activities. It can be best to stagger the cleaning activities so it does not all pile up at once, and if you live a busy life and do not have time to properly maintain your pool, you could always hire a pool cleaning company to ensure that your pool is always in prime swimming condition.

Observe and Report. If you can implement everything you've learned about pool care,  you will be well on your way to becoming a successful pool owner. However, a key part of being a pool owner is being vigilant about how your pool is holding up. By keeping an eye on your pool equipment, you can not only prevent a disaster in your pool but avoid a financial headache as well. Things like maintaining seals, checking for leaks, paying attention to any sounds that are out of the ordinary can all save you from potential issues that may arise in your pool.

Source: LOOP-LOC



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