Vacuuming Your Pool? Consider These Best Practices

David Deem

With pool season in full swing, pool owners are likely taking on the task of weekly pool cleaning. If you use a vacuum to clean your pool, keep the following best practices in mind, from pool lining manufacturer LOOP-LOC.
Clean the filter. Before vacuuming, the filter must be prepared. Be sure to clean the filter thoroughly before assembling or connecting the vacuum. The filter should be clean to prepare for the debris that will come its way during the vacuuming process.

Assemble the vacuum. The equipment must be set up properly for the most effective cleaning to be done. This means connecting the extension pole and vacuum hose to the vacuum head. After the vacuum is in one piece, be sure to get all the air out of the hose. To sink the hose and remove the air, extend the pole and put the vacuum head into the water. Be sure to slowly reel the hose down into the water, pushing it in as water fills the hose. While this may seem tricky, once practiced, the process can be done in as little as 30 seconds.

Connect to the skimmer. For the debris to be removed from the pool, the vacuum will need to be connected to the skimmer. This should be done by plugging the hose into the suction line at the bottom of the skimmer. To avoid the hose falling into the pool or getting in the way of the vacuuming process, it is best to place the hose in the skimmer itself.

Adjust the skimmer. If the skimmer has multiple points of intake, be sure to only have one connected to the vacuum during this process. On the off chance that multiple intake points are running during vacuuming, suction will not be strong, and the process will take twice as long.

Vacuum the pool. The vacuum is assembled, the filter cleaned and the skimmer is connected and adjusted to your needs. The only thing left to do is actually vacuum the pool. Be mindful of your technique when handling the vacuum. Be sure to use straight, slightly overlapping strokes. If you notice the vacuum leaving streaks behind, the suction may need to be increased.

Source: LOOP-LOC



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