Easy Steps to a Buzz-Worthy Backyard

David Deem

If your backyard is a bit on the boring side, but the idea of landscape design or an expensive deck redo is overwhelming (and beyond your budget), take heart! By sprucing up just a few key areas, your outdoor environs can go from basic to breathtaking in no time. Consider these six strategies from inground pool-cover manufacturer Loop-Loc:

1. Get rid of clutter. A lot of what gets in the way of a beautiful backyard is all our extra stuff. Sort through gardening tools, kids' toys and extra plant pots, and sell, give, or throw away anything you no longer use. Organize the rest in the garage or a shed so that it’s out of eyesight.

2. Add movement. Sometimes, all you need is a statement piece to produce some oohs and ahs. Try a comfy porch swing, outfitted with pillows and blankets. It’s sure to become a favorite spot for you and your guests alike.

3. Utilize water. The effects of a water feature are both beautiful and restorative, appealing to the senses of sight and sound. You can go big or small, by adding a simple, inexpensive water feature, like a birdbath or small fountain, or something more complex, like a mini pond or small waterfall. Any of these will bring a sense of calmness to your backyard.

4. Shine a light. Whether your backyard is too dark or you just need to add some atmosphere, solar-powered lanterns or playful string lights wrapped around a tree trunk or hanging from its branches will instantly add warmth and magic to your outdoor space.

5. Invest in furniture. While an entire patio set might be beyond your budget, picking up one or two new furniture pieces can change the whole dynamic of your outdoor space. Try a wicker chaise or a pair of colorful adirondack chairs. And don’t forget local estate sales or online marketplaces for great deals.

6. Tend to plants. There’s no need to call in the landscapers to remedy the plant situation in your backyard. Spend a day getting rid of weeds and cutting back overgrown shrubs and you’ll already have a vast improvement. Then add a splash of color by planting a few containers with colorful annuals and you’ll have a yard that’s ready for entertaining!



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