Quick Tips to Make Your Room Look Bigger

David Deem

Small spaces have their own charm and challenges, but every home--regardless of size--can benefit from visually adding space. Thankfully, there are a few key tricks to making your rooms look bigger that are easy to implement.

Scale Down
This may be obvious, but a massive couch will swallow a small room. If your room is small, or you would simply like to maximize your empty space, opt for smaller furniture and even smaller art. Keep everything appropriate for the scale of the room.

Use Vertical Space
Keep your floor uncluttered by using vertical space instead. Opt against horizontal storage options like large trunks or long dressers. Strategically staged tall bookcases and tall dressers can serve to house items without compromising your floor space

Go for Minimalist Style
Too many items in a small room looks cluttered, even if it’s organized. Lean towards a minimalist aesthetic to ensure that you are not visually cramping your space.

Bring in the Light
A well-lit room feels airy and spacious even if it’s small. Avoid light-blocking curtains and blinds whenever possible and try to keep the room bright. For the evenings, add track lighting, recessed lighting or more lamps to keep the space looking roomy and inviting.

Go for Sleek Furniture
Clunky and bulky furniture of the past should be avoided in a small space. Instead, seek out the sleek look of mid-century modern furniture. This style works very well in a small space because it’s elongating lines elevate the room and the furniture itself takes up less square footage.

Keep Your Color Scheme Minimal
Bright and dazzling colors have their place, but that may not be in your small room. Light, softer hues work better to keep a room looking spacious and airy and a monochromatic color scheme keeps your space from looking too visually stimulating and cluttered.

Preventing a cluttered and claustrophobic feel should be the goal in any sized room. And while adding extra square footage may be a task for your next renovation project, there are easy ways you can make your room look bigger in the meantime.



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