Cozy Up to Farmhouse Style

David Deem

From urban lofts to suburban kitchens, farmhouse-style living has become one of the most popular design trends for all types of homes. If you’re looking to incorporate this cozy yet modern feel into your abode, here are some keys to achieving the look:

Choose the right shade of paint. In the living room, try a color like Frivolous Folly from PPG’s Modern Farmhouse collection - a light, neutral green with a mint undertone - or Intuitive, a light taupe greige with a pink undertone. Try a warm white, like Dusty Trail, in the dining room, a neutral, golden beige with an almond undertone.

Try a little shiplap. Contrast the farmhouse paint colors on your walls with the texture and rustic warmth of shiplap. You can even use it on the ceiling. Hint: When shiplap is installed vertically on the wall, it will make a room look bigger.

Get creative with barn board. Reclaimed barn board adds both character and history to your home. Use it on the floors and walls, or as shelving in any room.

Butcher block in the kitchen. Go all out and install butcher-block counters for a true farmhouse look, or just a touch with a butcher-block island.

Mix and match with vintage pieces. While you don’t need a house-full of antiques, mixing in a few vintage furniture pieces with your more modern styles will go a long way in achieving the farmhouse look. Try a pair of vintage lamps alongside your modern sofa, a vintage leather chair or ottoman, or a warm wooden sideboard from an earlier time in your dining room.

Look for weathered finishes. Play up the rustic feel of farmhouse by looking for finishes that have a worn or peeled-paint effect. The trick is to go for style, not falling apart. There’s a fine line!

Bring the farm feeling outside. Complement your modern farmhouse style by using a white solid stain on your deck or porch. The effect will be a little bit country, a little bit contemporary.

Floral and wicker. Finish off your farmhouse style inside and out with touches of wicker, rattan and florals - both in fabric and wallpaper patterns, as well as the real thing gathered in Bell jars, glass bottles and aluminum buckets.



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