Combat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Home

David Deem

Carbon monoxide, an odorless and tasteless gas created by improperly burned fuel in household appliances, can be a major danger to your family, resulting in illness and even death.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and keep your home and family safe, Aire Serv recommends the following.

Install enough detectors. One CO detector is not enough. Install a detector on each floor of your home,  as well as one outside all sleeping areas.

Test your detectors. Test your detectors and change their batteries twice a year to keep them functioning properly.

Add additional venting. Properly vent large household appliances that rely on fuel for operation.

Practice car safety. Back cars out of the garage before warming them up. Pay special attention to keyless cars, as many motorists have exited vehicles without turning off the engines, which has allowed carbon monoxide to fill up the garage and enter the home.

Inspect and maintain. Schedule routine professional inspection and maintenance of items like furnaces, water heaters and fireplaces.



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