4 Luxe Bathroom Ideas to Pull From Hotels

David Deem

Nothing is quite as relaxing as enjoying a luxurious hotel room. Between fine bed linens to a spa-like bathroom, when you stay at a great hotel, it can be hard to want to leave. Luckily, you can take that feeling with you when you leave—and you don’t have to steal the bathrobes to do it. 

Waffle Shower Curtain
Your utilitarian shower curtain may be doing its job just fine, but if it doesn’t currently evoke that spa-like quality, it may be time for an upgrade. Leave the plastic and themed shower curtains for the kids’ bathroom and opt instead for a monochrome waffle shower curtain. These heavy-duty fabric curtains may offer instant sophistication, but they can also be easily cleaned in the washing machine making them practical for everyday living.

Waterfall Shower Head 
You may not be able to arrange for regular room service in your home, but you can easily start the day with a luxurious shower every morning. Your current shower head may be serviceable, but if you want to add a little more relaxation to your daily ablutions, consider swapping it out for a waterfall shower head. These oversized shower heads are mounted overhead to provide a water stream that feels like standing under a waterfall or natural rainfall.

Update the Hardware
Your bathroom’s aesthetic has just as much of an impact on the overall feel. Outdated faucets and hardware will always lack a spa-like quality. Update your current fixtures and hardware to match a streamlined and modern style. Bronze, gold and copper make excellent choices and will be sure to offer the modern minimalist visuals that your favorite high-end hotel features.

Upgraded Bath Sheets
After using your waterfall shower head, you’ll want to keep the spa-like quality going with more than a simple bath towel. Opt instead for bath sheets, which are bigger and more absorbent than the standard bath towel. For the most lux experience possible, be sure to opt for a higher-end bath towel that will offer a plush and comfortable texture.

Your bathroom may never be the complete oasis that a high-end hotel offers, but pulling easy-to-implement inspiration from them can have a big impact on your home. With these four ideas, you’ll be relaxing in your own mini-spa in no time. All you will need to complete the package is a quality hotel-worthy bathrobe.




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